‘Chip4’ Group

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The “Chip 4” group is an association of the top chip (semiconductor) producing nations in the world: the US, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan. The group’s formation follows the passage of a new US legislation in August 2022 that contains $ 52 billion in subsidies for businesses that manufacture chips or carry out chip research in the US, as Washington seeks to reduce the US’s reliance on Asia for semiconductors.

Chip4 Group

The largest contract chip manufacturer in the world, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co Ltd., as well as the South Korean memory chip goliaths Samsung Electronics Co Ltd. and SK Hynix, as well as important Japanese suppliers of semiconductor materials and equipment, are all located in the Asian members of the “Chip 4” group.
Representatives from Taiwan, the United States, South Korea, and Japan attended the group’s first meeting in September 2022.

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