Gaurav suthar notes pdf class 10

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These are the links for the Science notes by YouTuber teacher Gaurav Suthar. Students can prepare for their upcoming board exams by studying these notes. In these notes we have:

  • All the important theory of ncert is included.
  • Notes are designed as per the latest exam pattern.
  • Diagrams are included for easy understanding.
  • Previous year repeated questions are also there.

Gaurav suthar science notes pdf class 10

  1. Chemical Reaction and Equations

2. Acids, Bases, and Salts

3. Metals & Non-metals

4. Carbon compounds

5. Life Processes

6. Control and co-ordination in animals and plants

7. Reproduction

8. Heredity and Evolution

9. Reflection & Refraction

10. Electricity Ohm’s law

11. Magnetic effects of current 

12. Our Environment

13. Human eye & the colorful world

Gaurav Suthar Sst notes pdf Class 10

Here you can find the download links for the sst notes by Gaurav Suthar.
In these notes we have:

  • All the chapters are covered thoroughly.
  • written as per the guidelines stated by CBSE.
  • Images are also included.
  • Handwritten notes.

1. Rise of Nationalism in Europe

2.Nationalism in India

3.Resources and Development

4. Forest and Wildlife Resources

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