Shobhit Nirwan Science All Chapters Notes Pdf Class 10

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Update: Shobhit Nirwan Science Notes Class 10 PDF

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Shobhit Nirwan Science All Chapters Notes Pdf Class 10

1.Chemical Reaction and Equations

The first chapter of Class 10 NCERT Science will teach you about chemical reactions and how to write equations, how to conduct combination and decomposition reactions and more. In the previous classes, we have learned about physical and chemical changes of matter.The next subtopic teaches about various chemical reactions such as Combination Reaction, Decomposition reaction, Displacement Reaction, and Double Displacement Reaction along with various examples and chemical reactions.

Pdf link : Chemical Reaction And Equations Verified.pdf – Google Drive

2. Acids , Bases and Salts

NCERT Class 10 Science Chapter 2 is all about acids, bases and salts. In your previous classes, you have learned that the sour and bitter tastes of food are due to acids and bases, respectively, present in them.The chapter then explains what all acids and bases have in common with a suitable example which gives the conclusion that acid solution in water conducts electricity.

Pdf link : Acids, Bases And Salts Verified.pdf – Google Drive

3. Metals and Non Metals

Here in Chapter 3 of Class 10 Science, you will learn about the physical properties of metals and non-metals. Metals are lustrous, malleable, ductile and are good conductors of heat and electricity.The compounds formed in this manner by the transfer of electrons from a metal to a non-metal are known as ionic compounds or electrovalent compounds.

Pdf link : Metals And Non-Metals Verified.pdf – Google Drive

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4. Carbon and its Compounds

In this chapter, we will study some more interesting compounds and their properties. Also, we shall be learning about carbon, an element which is of immense significance to us in both its elemental form and in the combined form. The chapter also explains some of the chemical properties of carbon compounds such as combustion, oxidation, addition reaction, substitution reaction.

Pdf link : Carbon and its Compounds Verified.pdf – Google Drive

5. Periodic Classification Of Elements

In Standard 9 we have learned that matter around us is present in the form of elements, compounds and mixtures and the elements contain atoms of only one type. The early attempts at the classification of elements resulted in grouping the then-known elements as metals and non-metals. Elements in the Modern Periodic Table are arranged in 18 vertical columns called groups and 7 horizontal rows called periods.

Pdf link : Periodic Classification Of Elements Verified.pdf – Google Drive

6. Life processes

NCERT Class 10 Science Chapter 6 explains life processes. There are six life processes that all living organisms perform. They are movement, respiration, growth, reproduction, excretion and nutrition.In human beings, excretory products in the form of soluble nitrogen compounds are removed by the nephrons in the kidneys. Plants use a variety of techniques to get rid of waste material.

Pdf Link : Life Process Verified.pdf – Google Drive

7. How do Organisms Reproduce

Unlike other life processes, reproduction is not essential to maintain the life of an individual organism. It involves the creation of a DNA copy and additional cellular apparatus by the cell involved in the process.Reproduction in flowering plants involves the transfer of pollen grains from the anther to the stigma which is referred to as pollination.

Pdf link : How do organisms Reproduce Verified.pdf – Google Drive

PYQs PDF link : Previous Years How do Orgnisms Reproduce Shobhit Nirwan.pdf

8. Heridity and Evolution

We have seen that reproductive processes give rise to new individuals that are similar, but subtly different. Evolution can be worked out by the study of not just living species, but also fossils. Complex organs may have evolved because of the survival advantage of even the intermediate stages.

Pdf link : Heredity And Evolution Verified.pdf – Google Drive

9. Light : Reflection and Refraction

In  NCERT Class 10 Science Chapter 10, we will study the phenomena of reflection and refraction of light using the straight-line propagation of light.These basic concepts will help us in the study of some of the optical phenomena in nature. The chapter also discusses the reflection of light by spherical mirrors and refraction of light and their application in real life. 

Pdf link : Light Verified.pdf – Google Drive

10. The Human Eye and Colourful World

In the previous chapter, we learnt about light and some of its properties. In this chapter, we will study some of the optical phenomena in nature. The chapter also discusses the rainbow formation, splitting of white light and blue colour of the sky. The human eye is one of the most valuable and sensitive sense organs. It enables us to see the wonderful world and the colours around us.

Pdf link : Human Eye Verified.pdf – Google Drive

11. Electricity

Electricity has an important place in modern society. It is a controllable and convenient form of energy for a variety of uses in homes, schools, hospitals, industries and so on.It is a phenomenon related to the flow of charge. A stream of electrons moving through a conductor constitutes an electric current. Conventionally, the direction of current is taken opposite to the direction of flow of electrons. The SI unit of electric current is ampere.

Pdf link : Electricity Verified.pdf – Google Drive

12. Magnetic Effect  of Electric Current

In this chapter you will study magnetic fields and such electromagnetic effects, along with electromagnets and electric motors which involve the magnetic effect of electric current, and electric generators, which involve the electric effect of moving magnets. A compass needle is a small magnet. The phenomenon of electromagnetic induction is the production of induced current in a coil placed in a region where the magnetic field changes with time.

Pdf link : Magnetic Effects Of Electric Current Verified .pdf – Google Drive

13.Our Environment

This chapter discusses how various components in the environment interact with each other and how we impact the environment. The various components of an ecosystem are interdependent. The producers make the energy from sunlight available to the rest of the ecosystem. There is a loss of energy as we go from one trophic level to the next, this limits the number of trophic levels in a food chain. 

Pdf link :  Our Environment Verified.pdf – Google Drive

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